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A civil dispute is one that arises between people or businesses, such as an injury claim, contract dispute or employment law matter. Simply put, a case that involves civil litigation is one which excludes criminal offenses. Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC is equipped to handle any such case. Attorney Bardi and our firm's staff always provide clients with options and legal counsel to resolve the legal issue at hand.

Our attorneys' knowledge of Massachusetts courts and juries allows them to paint a detailed picture of the potential course of your lawsuit and possible outcomes. The firm's commitment to clients causes it to prepare all cases for courtroom trial, but lawyers do not make the executive decisions on your case. You do.

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Cambridge, MA, Contract Dispute and Civil Litigation Representation

Our firm assists people and businesses in many aspects of civil litigation, including:

Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents

Injuries happen to everyone at some point. But if your injuries are the result of another party's negligence or wrongful action, you may have the right to file a lawsuit. Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC is capable of handling all kinds of personal injury cases:

  • Auto accidents
  • Tractor-trailer collisions
  • Motorcycle wrecks
  • Boating injuries
  • Workplace accidents
  • Occupational illnesses
  • Slip-and-fall
  • Defective products
  • Premises liability
  • Unsafe premises
  • Animal attacks
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Wrongful death
  • Nursing home litigation
  • Food allergies

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In both Massachusetts and New York, you must file your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit within three years of the date of the injury. This time can pass quickly, so contact Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC for legal representation today by calling 617-227-4040.

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