Selected Cases- OUI/DUI Defense

OUI cases

  1. Operating Under the Influence, 2nd Offense - Worcester Superior Court - Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle resulting in serious bodily injury and the death of a fetus. The charges as it related to the fetus were dismissed.
  2. Operating Under the Influence - West Roxbury District Court – Man charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs as a result of smoking crack cocaine. Case dismissed for failure to prove operation of the motor vehicle
  3. Operating Under the Influence – Martha's Vineyard – Successfully defended a doctor whose breath test results were .09. The charge was reduced to Driving to Endanger and the doctor avoided having to report to the Board of Registration in Medicine.
  4. Operating Under the Influence, 3rd Offense – Haverhill District Court - Attorney Bardi defended a client who was charged with an Operating Under the Influence-3rd offense with a breath test reading of .19/.20 and successfully reduced the charge to an Operating Under the Influence-2nd, avoiding the mandatory minimum of 180 days in jail. The client had failed the breath test and the observations of the police officer were detrimental; however, Attorney Bardi's Motion to Suppress the Breath Test, bringing light to the police officer's failure to comply with procedure, convinced the District Attorney's Office to reduce the client's charge to a 2nd offense and no time was served.
  5. Operating Under the Influence, 3rd Offense – Haverhill District Court – The defendant faced a 3rd offense Operating Under the Influence charge, it was her 5th offense overall. Case reduced to a 2nd offense with credit for in-home confinement.
  6. Operating Under the Influence, 2nd Offense & Leaving the Scene of Property Damage – Quincy District Court –The property damage was covered by insurance resulting in a dismissal. The Operating Under the Influence charge was reduced to Leaving the Scene of Property Damage and Operating to Endanger, 1st offense without any jail time.
  7. Operating Under the Influence, Leaving the Scene after Causing Property Damage & Operating to Endanger – Dedham District Court – Successfully defended a police officer despite evidence that the defendant/police officer, who was off-duty, had been observed operating his motor vehicle erratically, striking several cars along the roadway, driving across a lawn and crashing into the side of a garage. The defendant/police officer was found not guilty of all charges.
  8. Operating Under the Influence – Newton District Court – Woman found not guilty of Operating Under the Influence when she was found to be knocked out after striking a tree in the middle of a snow storm. They had no evidence of erratic operation and due to the inclement weather she was found not guilty.
  9. Operating Under the Influence – Boston Municipal Court – Driver charged with Operating Under the Influence of alcohol while driving along Storrow Drive. Police officer acknowledged on cross examination that there was reasonable doubt as to whether the driver's performance in the field sobriety tests was a reflection of simply being nervous as opposed to the effects of alcohol.
  10. Operating Under the Influence - Hingham District Court - Successfully defended an individual who was changed with Operating Under the Influence while driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Defendant was found not guilty.
  11. Operating Under the Influence, 2nd Offense -Newton District Court – Defendant received a not guilty of a 2nd offense after being pulled over on Thanksgiving Eve. Attorney Bardi was able to point out the contradictory statements of the police officers' stories which resulted in an acquittal for the defendant.
  12. Operating Under the Influence – Concord District Court – Underage drinker found not guilty despite acknowledging he drank beer at a Red Sox game prior to his arrest.

DUI cases

Cases Handled by the Lawyers at the Boston, Massachusetts, Law Firm of Richard C. Bardi & Associates

Dismissal Of A Drunk Driving Charge

Attorney Bardi represented a motor vehicle operator who was arrested for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. Attorney Bardi obtained a dismissal of the case because the operator was not afforded a timely bail hearing and an opportunity to obtain an independent blood test to verify that he did not ingest alcohol, in violation of his rights.