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Like all parents, your paramount concern in life is your children. You want what is best for them, and sometimes seeking a divorce can seem like a contradiction to those parental feelings.

It is important to remember, however, that children will adjust — just as you will — especially to a new paradigm that allows them to grow and thrive.

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At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, located in the Beacon Hill area of Boston, Massachusetts, our divorce and child custody attorneys have expertise, and resounding results, in negotiating custody matters. With sound judgment based on decades of family law experience, we work to create a parenting schedule that accommodates, as nearly as possible, each of the parties involved.

Absent evidence to the contrary, the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts presume that children will thrive best when they have continued relationships with both parents after a divorce. If the parents can agree to an arrangement that works amiably for both of them, generally it will become one that works for the children as well.

There are, however, times when accommodation cannot be reached. In that event, we have the courtroom confidence and knowledge to take your case before a judge in order to secure an equitable arrangement for you and your children.

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