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In 2013, Massachusetts changed its child support laws and guidelines. With an eye toward the two-working parent family, the legislature modified the laws for a more equitable distribution of income, thereby ensuring a child had access to financial stability.

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Beacon Hill, MA, Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Whether the parents are going through a divorce or have never been married, Massachusetts law explicitly states that each parent is responsible for the financial support of his and her children. The current laws cover families who make a combined income up to $250,000. Each parent's income is considered available for child support, with deductions allowed for child care, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and, if applicable, other support obligations.

After the allowed deductions, a calculation is arrived at for the first child and adjusted for each additional child. In the past, child support was easily calculated on a straight percentage basis. The present formula is best approached with the expertise of a skilled, knowledgeable family law attorney.

Guidelines Are Just That: Guidelines

While the courts generally adhere to the child support guidelines, it is important to note that they can, and do, deviate from them. The goal is to maximize financial health for the new family unit by allowing each parent's home, and thus the children, to maintain a lifestyle as close as possible to the marital home.

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