Boston Property Division Lawyer

When dividing property acquired during a marriage, it is imperative that you have an attorney who knows the applicable laws.

Many people enter into marriage with property of their own. After years of sharing bank accounts, assets and family gifts, the task of ensuring an equitable division of property can be daunting.

Let a Boston property division attorney at our firm guide you through the process of understanding marital property distribution. Contact us today.

Cambridge, MA, Complex Divorce Attorney

At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, located in Boston, Massachusetts, we have decades of experience working in property division — from simple cases to complex cases involving businesses and large assets.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has strict rules on what property is part of the marital estate: If any inherited or premarital money or property is "interwoven into the fabric of the marriage," it is subject to division in the divorce — even if it was bequeathed solely to you, even if you paid for the maintenance of a premarital property from a separate bank account.

Beacon Hill High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

When you choose a lawyer who knows the finer points of premarital property, inheritance, trusts and wages, you can be assured of a worry-free dissolution. We have the expertise and legal savvy to ensure an equitable distribution.

Friendly but forthright, our preferred option is to negotiate a fair settlement between you and your spouse. When that is not possible, we seek redress with the court, knowing that our courtroom aptitude will aptly serve you, our client.

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