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At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, located in Boston, Massachusetts, you can rely on our experienced, exceptional lawyers who will work with you from the inception to the conclusion of your case — keeping you apprised of all developments and involving you in the process, so that the outcome you seek is the outcome you achieve.

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Beacon Hill, MA, Marital Agreement and Marital Property Division Lawyers

Whether you are seeking to create a prenuptial agreement, a postmarital agreement, child support modifications, are beginning a divorce, in dispute over marital property or find yourself in a contempt action, our attorneys offer professional, attentive counsel.

We diligently work with opposing counsel to resolve all issues. When, however, compromise is unreachable, and the courtroom is the only viable option for resolving a case, our attorneys act in a comfortable and confident manner, in turn relaxing you and thereby helping you greatly assist your case.

Not Just Divorce

In addition to assisting in all areas of family law, Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC represents both small and large businesses in their legal needs. Whether dissolving a business, buying someone out or drafting business documents, our firm handles each case with equanimity and an eye toward swift and cost-effective resolution. We also represent clients in a wide range of civil litigation matters, including personal injury litigation.

Criminal Defense

Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC also represents clients facing criminal charges, such as white collar crime, kidnapping, rape, assault and battery, domestic violence and OUI. They pride themselves on representing state and local police officers charged with crimes or involved in disciplinary/internal affairs investigations.

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