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Civil litigation: When a slip and fall injures you or a loved one

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Civil Litigation

Some slips and falls bruise only your ego, but others can result in severe personal injury. Even a seemingly minor fall may turn out to be worse than the victim initially thought.

Head injuries in particular may not cause much discomfort at first. However, they can cause serious medical problems hours or even days after the accident. Many Boston residents associate slips and falls with snowy or icy conditions, but these accidents occur in all types of weather, both indoors and out.

Most people who slip and fall dismiss the incident, collect their dignity and go on about their business. However, it is important to do a few things immediately after the incident occurs. Doing so when the accident happens will help you seek a remedy through civil litigation if the need arises.

Always seek medical attention if the incident occurred on another person’s property. This includes private residences, business establishments and government or city property.

When you know an injury is serious, do this before anything else as it could help in your recovery. Even if you feel okay right after the fall, it is wise to see a doctor anyway.

Document anything related to the accident including floor or ground conditions, witnesses, the presence or lack of warning signs and any visible defects on the site of your fall. If you go on to pursue a premises liability action, which is a form of civil litigation, your lawyer will need this documentation to help you prove your case.

If your injuries are serious and require ongoing medical treatment, speak with a personal injury attorney about your case. Pursuing a civil litigation claim involving premises liability is an effective way to acquire compensation for your injury as well as expenses related to the slip and fall accident.