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Prenuptial agreements can help many engaged couples

Prenuptial agreements provide specific protections for couples, but some might wonder if there are times when there isn't a need for one. The fact is that everyone needs to think of their own unique circumstances to decide what is right for their needs.

Typically, if neither party has considerable assets and isn't likely going to get any inheritances or other assets, there might not be any need for a prenuptial agreement. Some couples might find that discussing a prenuptial agreement isn't worth the effort. It is possible for these individuals to think about a postnupital agreement after the marriage.

What Massachusetts considers when determining alimony

If your Massachusetts marriage is nearing its end, you may have concerns about being able to support yourself financially in its aftermath. Conversely, you may have been the primary breadwinner within your marriage, and you may have questions about whether you will need to support your former spouse financially for a period after your divorce becomes final.

Regardless of which side of the coin you fall on, the things the state considers when issuing alimony determinations remains the same. Such factors typically include the following:

Thinking your way is the only way might harm custody negotiations

Child custody matters are often very contentious. Parents might think that their way is the only way that the child can thrive, but they don't necessarily want to acknowledge that the other parent's ways might work. This can actually work against them when they are trying to work out solutions to issues for the child custody.

One thing that parents need to remember is that they have to put the children first. An all or nothing take on these matters can work against you if you are going through mediation to work through the child custody case. When this happens, you have to be willing to negotiate unless you are prepared to fight things out in a trial.

Civil litigation: When a slip and fall injures you or a loved one

Some slips and falls bruise only your ego, but others can result in severe personal injury. Even a seemingly minor fall may turn out to be worse than the victim initially thought.

Head injuries in particular may not cause much discomfort at first. However, they can cause serious medical problems hours or even days after the accident. Many Boston residents associate slips and falls with snowy or icy conditions, but these accidents occur in all types of weather, both indoors and out.

How can divorcing business owners remain working partners?

You probably already know how tough a simple divorce is on the entire family. However, when a couple that owns a business together call it quits, it is even more challenging. In the past, it was unthinkable for two married partners to remain in business together once divorced. However, both business and divorce are different now and continue to evolve.

When a business is successful, both spouses might wish to remain a part of their jointly owned commercial enterprise. The question for many divorcing business owners in the Boston area is how to accomplish such a formidable goal. The following tips can help.

Virtual visitation can strengthen your parenting

When parents divorce, building a fair parenting plan and custody agreement is one of the most important aspects of the process, one which may affect the rights and privileges of both parents for years to come. As you consider all of your options, it is wise to carefully examine the benefits and drawbacks that virtual visitation can offer.

Now that smart devices enjoy widespread use and technology is sufficiently advanced, courts recognize the value of parents spending time with their children. In this context, courts refer to spending time this way as virtual visitation.

Would a 'shotgun' clause be helpful for your business?

The beginning stages of a startup are the best of times. The sense of optimism combined with funding from angel investors can fuel passion for a new product or service. But like the old adage says, nothing really lasts forever. Even with a successful startup or partnership, one partner (or a group partners) may believe that they will just as successful on their own and want to break up the company. At the same time, neither party wants to buy out the other partner. What remains may be an ugly and consternate standoff that threatens the future of the partnership.

So what happens when there is a standoff?

Big changes in Massachusetts child support guidelines

Determining child support can be a tricky part of the divorce process.  With a recent change in the child support guidelines in Massachusetts last year, the process seems even more daunting.  The main goal of the changes was to make the calculation simpler and more equal, but how will those changes affect how much you pay?

If you’re in the process of determining child support, they will have a big impact on that calculation.   If you’re already paying child support, these changes could drastically change the amount that you pay.

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