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Legal Support Concerning Complex Family Law Matters

There is little in life as difficult as realizing your marriage is not working. The decision to dissolve it often takes years of attempted mends and a great deal of self-reflection before finally deciding to file for divorce.

At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, we understand the complexity inherent in such matters and offer legal guidance. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in family law proceedings, including high-asset divorce cases. Our trial attorneys know the case law thoroughly and are comfortable at reaching resolution both inside and outside the courtroom.

Based in Boston, we serve the people of Massachusetts, and we are always prepared to help.

A Legacy Of Service

Our firm provides skilled, results-oriented representation for spouses entering divorce proceedings or facing any other type of family law matter, including, but not limited to:

At times, courtroom litigation is unavoidable. In such circumstances, we leverage our experience to our clients’ benefit and assert their rights and interests at every step.

Our attorneys understand that there are a number of other ways to settle matters. Founding attorney Richard C. Bardi has earned a reputation for delivering results efficiently. He volunteers his service through the Middlesex County Bar Association as a conciliator, and is routinely appointed by the court to conduct conciliations. These are meetings wherein the parties and their counsel attempt to resolve issues, and potentially settle the case, on their own — that is, the spouses take on most of the decision-making, rather than having their case decided by a judge.

Resolving Your Most Vital Family Law Issues

Since we have families of our own, we understand your concerns as you head toward your new future, especially when you have children involved. During your transition from married life to single, we will provide direction for you and your family, and we will do so diligently and thoughtfully. After all, this is not an end; it’s simply a new beginning.

When you find yourself looking for serious, sound counsel for a divorce or another family law matter, trust Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC. We look forward to speaking with you. Contact us today by calling 617-749-9979 or reaching us online.