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The attorneys at Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC are recognized as consummate legal professionals: lawyers with the ability to negotiate; lawyers with the ability to win at trial.

With offices in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, we serve clients throughout the region. In every case we take on, our aim is to understand our clients’ goals and then pursue them in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible. At times, the best resolution can be reached through negotiation, however, trying a case in court is often necessary to get the client the best results. Our lawyers are trial attorneys who investigate every available option while fighting to benefit our clients.

Support In A Full Spectrum Of Legal Matters

Our firm has earned a reputation in a variety of legal areas, including family law, criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury. We are adept at helping spouses reach resolution during high-conflict divorce proceedings, and at helping business partners or stakeholders resolve their disputes. We pursue maximum compensation for injury victims, and we assert the rights of individuals charged with criminal offenses.

Our seasoned attorneys have a reputation for success in the courtroom. We leverage our experience to obtain the best outcomes for our clients. Whenever possible, we will work with opposing counsel to devise a favorable settlement. We are never afraid to stand trial; we understand Massachusetts and federal case law thoroughly, and we know how to protect our clients’ interests at every turn. Our attorneys understand the rules of evidence and the processes of our Massachusetts courts.

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To speak with an attorney, you can call us at 617-749-9979 or reach us online. With over 40 years of legal experience, our firm is always prepared to assist you.