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Sometimes divorce mediation just does not work

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2018 | Uncategorized

Divorce proceedings are often emotional affairs. After all, you must eventually walk away from the person you pledged to love forever. While getting through a divorce can be challenging for anyone, mediation may help you avoid much of the animosity that comes with dissolving a marriage. 

In recent years, the Massachusetts divorce rate has fluctuated between 35 and 50 percent. As such, while you may feel alone, your neighbors may be going through the same emotions you are. There is a good chance someone you know has chosen mediation to dissolve a marriage. While mediation is often effective, it does not work in every situation. Here are three signs you may need to rethink your mediation. 

1. Your spouse refuses to mediate 

For a successful mediation, both parties must be willing to collaborate and compromise. If your spouse is in no mood to work together, mediation may be futile. Still, before walking into divorce court, it is probably worth your time to explore your partner’s willingness to mediate. 

2. You cannot reach a conclusion 

Even if your spouse agrees to mediation, there are no guarantees the two of you will reach an acceptable agreement. If you and your soon-to-be-ex run into a roadblock, you may need to proceed to litigation to resolve outstanding issues. 

3. The process takes too long 

Divorces are not usually quick. Instead, partners often need months or longer to figure out how to handle important matters. Nonetheless, mediation may take longer than divorce litigation. If you think your mediation is dragging on forever, it may be time to walk away from it. 

Divorce mediation is often an effective way to dissolve a marriage outside an adversarial framework. Still, mediation is not right for every couple. If you notice your mediation is not working for you, you may need to explore other options.