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Spending time with both parents is important for children

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2018 | Child Custody

One of the hardest things for parents to do is accept the fact that their children will have to spend time with the other parent after a divorce. Both parents have probably gotten accustomed to having the kids around all the time. While they might feel happy that they do get a little time alone, it can still be a challenge.

Trying to find the good within the situation can help you to feel less stress about what’s going on. One positive aspect of most custody cases is that the child gets to share love with both parents.

We realize that there are times when you might feel the other parent isn’t doing things the way they should. When this comes to mind, you should stop and think about what the ramifications are for your children. If they are healthy and happy despite what’s going on, you may not need to take any action.

Your parenting plan is what outlines what needs to happen with the children. It is usually best to have a detailed plan so that you and your ex know what to expect. This can help to keep the stress down and might also help the children to know what’s going on.

Thinking about your child’s current needs has to be a priority right now. You can always revisit the plan as your child’s needs change so don’t try to think too far ahead.

At some future point, it might be necessary to revisit the terms of the parenting plan, as the kids’ needs and parents’ lives may change over time.