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Know how parenting plan terms impact children

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Child Custody

Child custody orders outline what can and can’t happen with the children. These orders tell you what you are responsible for and what you ex must do. For many parents, these agreements are made during a negotiation process that enables each one to have a say in the final decisions. We know that this might seem daunting now because you have to deal with your ex to get this done, but we are here to help you work through these matters.

There are various facets of child custody that must be decided. Think about the decisions you make on a daily basis for your kids. You have choices about their education and their health care. You approve their extracurricular activities and social events. When you have a child custody agreement, all of these aspects might be discussed, so you will need to review the agreement before you make any choices.

Another point that can be covered in your child custody agreement is parental behavior. There will likely be times when you will be around your ex. Events like graduations and birthdays are but two examples. It is imperative that there are clear guidelines about how you interact with each other. In fact, you can even set rules for other adults who interact with your children.

It is vital that anything in the parenting plan is based on what is best for your children. They must remain the focal point of all decisions that you make. We can help you to review the options and determine how you want to handle different matters.