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Divorce litigation takes a lot out of you

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | Civil Litigation

Many people choose to go through the mediation process to resolve a divorce. Unfortunately, others have to go through the long process of civil litigation to legally end the marriage. This process takes much longer and is usually more intense.

Getting ready for the trial and going through it can take up a lot of your time. You and your ex might begin to feel animosity toward each other. If you have children, they may pick up on the tension and start to react negatively to the situation.

One party might start to try to bully the other so they can get their way. This is challenging because you may still have to communicate, but the constant strife can impact you emotionally. Instead of believing the threats and negative statements, focus on the plan that you and your divorce attorney created.

It might seem like you are under a lot of pressure. Between the legal fees, the time it takes to prepare, and having to deal with your ex a bit, you might feel as though you can move forward. You can’t let your ex win. Take a bit of time to grieve about your current situation and then pick yourself up and focus on your future.

At any point during the time leading up to the trial, you and your ex can decide to settle things on your own. This might not be easy, but it might help you to put the marriage and divorce behind you so you can start to live your life again. Being stuck in an endless cycle of tension with your ex isn’t good for your mental health so try to get things handled as quickly as you can.