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Tips for making child custody less stressful

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Child Custody

For parents who a divorcing, minimizing the impact on the children becomes a priority. While many people tend to focus on the things that can go wrong during the child custody battle, there are many ways that the parents can encourage things to go right. One thing that you must do is give up on the “me versus them” line of thought.

Working as a team with your ex might seem like it isn’t possible; however, you have to do what is best for the children. This can benefit the children because it shows them how to use teamwork even in difficult situations. It also gives you a chance to ensure that the plan is set up according to what they need.

You should keep detailed records of everything that goes on during the child custody negotiations. This isn’t so that you can use the information against your ex. Instead, it is so that you can ensure that the terms of the agreement accurately reflect the decisions that were made.

You might also need to find a person to speak to about any frustrations that you have during the process. Make sure that this is someone you can trust who isn’t going to feed your ex information. Having someone to speak to about this can help you to feel less stress as you go through the negotiations.

Taking care of yourself is also necessary. Your children need to see that self-care is important, so you can model this during the stressful time of divorce. Make sure you are sleeping at night, eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise.