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Prominent man faces domestic violence charge for incident at home

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Domestic Violence

Any incident in which there is a domestic violence allegation in Massachusetts can cause problems for the person who is accused. These can negatively impact anyone, but if it is a person who is in a prominent position, the aftermath can be challenging in myriad ways personally, professionally and financially.

Regardless of the situation and the details of the case, those who are arrested and charged must consider all avenues of criminal defense.

Town manager arrested for domestic incident

A local town manager was arrested and charged after a dispute with a family member turned physical. It occurred in late-August and he was recently given a restraining order. The town placed him on administrative leave with pay as the case proceeds. According to the court documents, law enforcement was called to the man’s home in the late-morning at around 11:35 a.m. There had been an apparent domestic incident at his home. He had been staying in a guesthouse that is connected to the main house for most of 2020.

According to the complaint, the victim said he had been slammed into the door and was scratched and burned. The town manager said nothing happened and he was unaware as to how the family member was injured. The victim is accused of starting the altercation and kicking and punching the town manager. There was a restraining order granted immediately after the arrest. Days later, it was changed to extend for one year through August 2021. The town manager pleaded not guilty.

Legal assistance is imperative after a domestic violence charge

A person who is arrested and charged with domestic violence must consider the future when lodging a defense. Each circumstance is unique and requires a defense tailored to the individual. Whether it is a physical incident, stalking, the violation of a restraining order or a felony charge, these accusations can cause major damage to a person’s future.

While in this case, the man charged is a town manager whose status can be negatively affected by a conviction, these cases can happen to anyone. A law firm experienced with criminal defense and domestic violence cases can assess the charges and help with crafting a strong defense to try and avoid the worst penalties or even get an acquittal. Calling for a consultation and representation is the first step.