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Deeper than the physical scars

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2021 | Blog, Domestic Violence

When you hear about someone being involved in domestic violence, you may think about hitting, punching or other types of physical abuse. However, there are many other ways that domestic violence can be committed in Massachusetts and other locations. This type of violence can leave behind damage that can sometimes be far more severe than the bruises that are visible on the skin or even broken bones that are caused by an outrageous act.


The scars of emotional abuse usually aren’t seen. They are often hidden behind a smile or sometimes peek through tears that fall down someone’s face. This is a type of domestic violence that often involves demeaning another person to the point that his or her self-worth is very low or doesn’t exist at all. The victim could be criticized, kept away from family and friends, or humiliated while out in public.


Another type of domestic violence involves the finances of the victim. You may not realize that someone has been a victim of this type of abuse because it’s often done in silence. The abuser manipulates the victim into spending money or takes money from a bank account. The victim may have to depend on the abuser for money and may not be able to have funds of his or her own to use for things like clothing or food.


Although two people in a relationship can have sexual intercourse, there are times when it could be considered domestic abuse. Assault and rape are the most common types of sexual abuse. Touching that isn’t asked for or makes the victim feel uncomfortable or being forced to not take or take contraceptives are types of abuse as well.

Some types of domestic violence aren’t as clear as others. An attorney can review the details of the actions to determine if any kind of abuse has occurred before working with the victim to file charges against the abuser.