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What is psychological abuse?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Domestic Violence

In the state of Massachusetts, domestic violence doesn’t have to be physical. Your partner could accuse you of emotional abuse when they bring the case to court. Emotional abuse can be hard to define, but it typically has a few main components.

What are some examples of emotional abuse?

Many people who commit domestic violence start by isolating their victims. They convince them to stop talking to their friends and family members, making it increasingly difficult to leave the relationship. They might even make their partner quit their job and stay at home all day so they don’t have access to the outside world.

Emotional manipulation is another component of domestic violence. The abuser might treat their partner badly, then deny they did anything and call them crazy when they bring it up. They could also act remorseful and promise to change to make their partner feel guilty. When their partner decides not to leave them, the cycle of abuse begins again.

Some abusers feel the need to have power in their relationship. They degrade and insult their partner to make them feel worthless, then suddenly back off when their partner shows signs of leaving. They might exert control over their partner’s job, finances, personal life and other aspects of their life to prevent them from leaving the relationship. The victim might start to feel like they can’t do anything without their partner’s permission.

Whether it’s physical or emotional, domestic violence is a severe charge that can uproot your entire life. Call a criminal defense attorney right away if your partner accuses you of domestic violence.

Why should you hire an attorney?

If someone accuses you of abuse, trying to handle the situation yourself could make it much worse. An attorney could help you defend yourself without adding further charges to your case.