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How virtual conferences can affect driving habits

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Injuries

Massachusetts employees may have found that remote working and zoom meetings have become reliable ways of running successful companies. However, this shift in working environment has fostered new driving habits that may lead to car accidents.

Why it happens

The hours that employees spend behind screens attending video conferences and the concentration they require can leave remote workers struggling with focus when they drive shortly after. According to an official who used to work for the National Highway Traffic Safety, using a computer might lead to cognitive overload. Other experts have also revealed that the intellectual pressure combined with the poor driving habits on American roads has led to an increase of fatalities on highways.

According to a recent survey done by Root insurance, 54 percent of the respondents have had difficulties maintaining their attentiveness on the road after they have attended video conferences. Younger drivers face worse challenges on the road as compared to older citizens. More than 64 percent of Gen Z drivers reported struggling to concentrate on the road after a video call, while only 48 percent of Millennial and Gen X drivers questioned reported the same issue.

Atrophy in driving skills

Due to the shift to the work-from-home model, many individuals who used to drive daily have stopped and find themselves driving a lot less frequently. An analyst at Guidehouse Insights states that the resulting atrophy in driving skills, combined with mental stress, could be a factor in car accident rates. Increased speeds on highways is another potential factor.

Those who have experienced a car accident caused by an inattentive driver on the road may find themselves facing steep medical bills. Compensation through a personal injury lawsuit could help these individuals cover the costs they face.