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Important truck evidence in motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Injuries

Are you or a loved one among the Massachusetts drivers who got into motor vehicle accidents involving trucks? The large size of trucks compared to that of cars have the power to do a tremendous amount of damage. What kind of evidence could help your case?

Basic evidence gathering

Some pieces of evidence may be basic, but they are, nevertheless, important. They involve photos of the accident scene, names and contact information of witnesses, and details involving the truck. Examples might include the name of the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, and other identifiers.

Advanced evidence gathering

Most accident victims choose to work with an attorney that specializes in motor vehicle accidents for the advanced evidence gathering. Examples include the electronic logs the commercial driver must keep. Next, there are the police accident reports and the results of any toxicology tests. To ensure that the evidence remains in place, the lawyer will get in touch with the trucking company and compel it to maintain all documents.

This step enables your legal team to comb through the data for signs of negligence. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to build a case. In some situations, it may become necessary to engage the services of a personal investigator to recreate the scene. Once again, an attorney will have the resources to engage the right professional. This new evidence may then become part of the case.

When is a good time to connect with a lawyer?

The sooner you can make the call, the better. A quick intervention prevents the destruction of evidence. It also allows for the collection of witness statements before they forget the details of the truck crash. Besides that, having an attorney on your side lets you focus on what you really need to be doing right now: healing.