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Allergy causing ingredients are often missing on food labels

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Blog, Injuries

Many allergens are in nonperishable food item ingredients. While many manufacturers include every single ingredient on a label, other companies deliberately omit certain items to save space. In Massachusetts, consumers who suffer from allergies often learn the hard way that their product labels are missing vital information.

The inaccuracy of food labels

Food labels are supposed to contain every ingredient in a product. However, a 2021 study revealed that more than 50% of food products do not include sesame on their labels. Sesame includes white, brown and black seeds that are all allergenic. White seeds, oil and flour are considered to be the most allergenic. People who unknowingly consume sesame could face allergic reactions that include symptoms of hives, face swelling and difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Ensuring safety through labeling

A food company that leaves allergy-causing ingredients off of its labels could face a personal injury lawsuit. Some allergic reactions lead to severe symptoms that, in the worst cases, may cause a permanent disability or death.

Every personal injury can be prevented but only with the help of manufacturers and food companies. No consumer can detect the presence of ingredients that are not explicitly labeled. A lawsuit allows the plaintiff to be compensated for the medical bills caused by a preventable allergic reaction. It provides punitive damages to ensure that more companies make their products correctly.

Food labels can lead to personal injury lawsuits

Most people have suffered from at least one bout of food poisoning in life. But people who suffer from allergies risk getting sick every time they buy food at the store. More consumers are willing to file lawsuits against irresponsible companies.