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Delivery drivers have a dangerous job

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Injuries

Working as a delivery driver could be a part-time or full-time occupation for many people in Massachusetts. Although numerous deliveries occur without incident, a delivery driver’s job remains a dangerous one. Anyone spending significant time on the road may face an increased risk of becoming involved in an accident. Delivery drivers might adhere to the rules of the road, but third parties could be negligent.

The dangers delivery drivers face

Delivery drivers face many dangers while traveling to pickup and drop-off locations. They could be at risk of getting hit while exiting the vehicle, even though it may seem they parked in a safe spot. The person hitting the delivery driver might not even be inside a car, as even a bicyclist could cause the crash.

USA Today compiled a list of the most dangerous professions, and people not involved with delivering goods may feel surprised at how dangerous the job is. USA Today even suggests that delivery drivers have a greater chance of dying on the job than police officers.

USA Today based its report on 2016 figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More current data reveals that 1,005 delivery drivers died on the job.

Delivery drivers and constant dangers

Don’t assume all threats to delivery drivers come from car accidents, either. Delivering something to an intoxicated and belligerent person’s residence may result in a regrettable and tragic confrontation. Yes, third-party accidents and incidents could take many forms.

While violent and confrontational incidents may be relatively rare, the risks of slip-and-fall accidents are not. Delivery drivers who work in inclement weather or have to navigate messily, disorderly properties could fall and suffer a terrible injury.