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Stalking claims and protection orders

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Domestic Violence

Stalkers could terrorize someone who becomes the object of their obsessions. Some stalkers may direct attention toward co-workers, former partners and even strangers. Regardless of the specifics, victims might worry about their safety and well-being since images of high-profile tragic stalking cases may stand out in their minds. Thankfully, Massachusetts laws provide some support to stalking victims.

Worries about stalkers

Persons dealing with stalkers might suffer enormous psychological stress as they worry about what the stalker may do. If the stalker is an ex-spouse, the victim might realize the ex-partner is dangerous and prone to violence. Of course, even a stranger could pose terrible dangers.

Stalking victims might take several steps to address their concerns. Carrying a cell phone on one’s person always makes it possible to contact the police. Many phones come with features designed so the user can call 911 immediately.

Stalking victims might change certain behaviors, such as jogging when more people are around. They might engage in activities that involve friends and others who may provide some possible safety in numbers.

Stalking accusations may arise when a partner makes claims about domestic violence. Domestic violence and stalking claims are serious, and history reveals some instances where the violence escalated. Therefore, domestic violence accusations might lead to requests for protective orders. The victim seeking the protection order may plead their case or provide evidence in their favor.

In court, the victim may rely on witness statements or reveal text messages to support the claim. Compelling evidence could support the victim’s story, possibly leading to a temporary restraining order. A future hearing would address retraining orders beyond the temporary one.