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How to support a domestic violence survivor

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Blog, Domestic Violence

Did you know that domestic violence rates are on the rise in Massachusetts and throughout the country? While no one wants to think about what happens in other people’s homes, sometimes it’s necessary to preserve and protect individuals who are suffering at the hands of their loved ones.

Supporting a domestic violence survivor is easier said than done, though. If you’re wondering how to support a loved one that might be going through abuse, then we can help. Learn our top tips below.

Validation is necessary

First, you need to validate the person’s experience. One of the hallmark signs of abuse is invalidation, which means the survivor is likely questioning their own feelings and reality. Make sure that your loved one understands that they are loved and heard by you.

Knowledge is power

Once you’ve established trust, it’s time to inform your loved one about resources that could help them. Depending on their specific situation, you might want to get them in touch with domestic violence resource centers in Boston.

Provide real support

Finally, be prepared to offer real solid support if and when your loved one needs it. This may mean allowing the person to stay in your home temporarily or buying them a meal or two to help them get back on their feet.

If you’re looking for more information, you can ask a family law professional about how you can help a survivor of domestic violence.

Domestic violence: A silent crisis

Boston, Massachusetts is a family-friendly area, but that doesn’t mean that we’re free from the impacts of the current domestic violence crisis. If you suspect that someone you know or love could be experiencing abuse of some kind, then you should use the information provided here to help support them through their experience.