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Getting probation for a DUI in Massachusetts

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Criminal Law

A DUI is a serious offense with serious consequences. Time in jail is perhaps the harshest consequence associated with a DUI in Massachusetts. But first-time offenders might have the option of probation instead of time behind bars.

Probation for a DUI offense

Probation for drunk driving in Massachusetts means that the court monitors the offender’s behavior for up to two years. During this two-year period, the court sets terms and conditions that the offender must follow. The offender will also have to have regular meetings with a probation officer.

For example, a DUI offender on probation might have to perform community service. This can include cleaning roadsides, maintaining public spaces or some other form of service to the community. The offender might also have to attend alcohol awareness classes or participate in a DUI prevention program. The offender could also have their driver’s license suspended or limited during the probation.

Violating probation

A DUI probation violation can result from failing to meet the terms of the probation. Committing a crime will also likely result in violation of probation plus additional criminal charges.

The goal of DUI probation

The goal of probation for a DUI offense is to help the offender change their ways. Instead of going to jail, the offender can live their regular lives and possibly make a positive change. The requirements are strict but are designed to deter the offender from future intoxicated driving incidents.

A DUI offender on probation is encouraged to become a more responsible driver. The court expects the offender to honor the terms of the probation, communicate with their probation officer and realize the seriousness of drunk driving.