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What to expect with your auto insurance after a DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Criminal Law

Massachusetts residents who choose to get behind the wheel after drinking put everyone at risk. This includes themselves even if they don’t get into a car accident. If you’re arrested for driving under the influence and subsequently convicted, your auto insurance situation might change.

DUI and your insurance premiums

Drunk driving and a DUI on your record will always affect your auto insurance premiums. It results in the insurer seeing you as a poor risk for driving safely, so naturally, your insurance premiums may skyrocket. However, depending on the circumstances and your insurance company, your coverage might be dropped altogether.

Certain factors can determine whether these things happen; the amount of time passed since your DUI, your age and your driving history are all considered. If you have no prior violations and the DUI occurred several years ago, your premiums may increase very little or not at all. However, if you’re a repeat offender, your insurer may raise your rates or even drop you as a policyholder. If this happens and your DUI is recent, you need an SR-22 form (statement of financial responsibility), which is then filed with the state.

Getting new insurance

If your insurance company has dropped your coverage because of a DUI conviction, you can shop around for a new insurer once your driver’s license is reinstated. You may have a hard time finding reasonable rates due to being considered a high risk, but shopping around can help you find the best price for your budget. Some insurance companies even specialize in offering coverage to high risk drivers.

After a DUI, the best way to proceed is to avoid driving after consuming alcohol. Aiming to be a safer, responsible driver might make all the difference in the future.