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Blind spots may cause auto accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Injuries

Driving can be a mundane experience for Massachusetts commuters. Changing lanes is a common action drivers take, and some might not realize how dangerous doing so can be. One mistake or miscue could lead to a fatal collision.

Blind spots and dangers

A blind spot is a section outside of the driver’s visual range. Simply glancing to the side may not be sufficient to determine whether a car or motorcycle is in the adjacent lane. Drivers should check over their shoulders to ensure no vehicles are in the way when switching lanes.

Many newer vehicles come with blind-spot monitors that can give a driver an alert before making a lane change. However, relying exclusively on this helpful technology could be unwise. When a driver is negligent in any way, they could be liable for any injuries they inflict on others. An unsafe lane change is a moving violation, which could further establish negligence if an accident occurs.

Other risks with blind spots

Blind spots don’t present risks only for drivers changing lanes. An over-sized vehicle could have greater blind spots than smaller cars. A semi-truck might have a blind spot in the front and the rear that increases the chance of a collision. A personal injury lawsuit may follow if drivers do not operate their vehicles safely when contending with significant blind spots.

A negligence case against a driver could become stronger when there are multiple instances of liability. An intoxicated driver might not care about blind spots and make a dangerous lane change or cause a rear-end accident. A subsequent lawsuit might seek damages for the injuries inflicted.