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What makes truck accidents claims such a complicated process?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2023 | Blog, Injuries

You’re likely to spot commercial vehicles on highways or other roads in Massachusetts. Whether you call them big rigs or semi-trucks, these vehicles are much heavier than passenger automobiles. Therefore, larger trucks typically cause lots of damage in accidents. But that’s not the only thing to watch out for after a truck driver hits your car.

Proving who’s at fault

When two automobile drivers crash into each other, proving who’s at fault is fairly simple. This issue becomes more complicated when you and a commercial vehicle collide. If a truck driver was under the influence of drugs, this person would be at fault. But an accident can also happen when a safe driver gets behind the wheel of a semi they don’t know is unsafe.

A driver’s rules and regulations

Legally driving requires following the rules of the road. While these rules can vary by state, you probably have a good grasp on how to avoid breaking driving laws. Commercial truck drivers face additional rules, including Hours of Service regulations. These regulations, when followed, can help prevent accidents caused by drowsy truck drivers. Sometimes, companies don’t follow these regulations.

Going up against a company

The aftermath of a truck accident often leads to injuries. Since post-accident and personal injury treatment can cost a lot of money, accident victims can seek damages against the other party. In this case, the other party is rarely another driver. You’ll also potentially face opposition from a company and its insurance provider.

Filing a trucking accident claim can be a time-consuming process. You can potentially help things move quickly by keeping accurate claim-related records. This time can pay off if the other party settles or you achieve a victory in court.