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Protecting yourself from an abuser: How to seek a restraining order of protection

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Criminal Law, Domestic Violence

Trying to leave a domestic violence situation is one of the most challenging tasks you may ever face. If you are ready to empower yourself and leave an abusive relationship in Massachusetts, filing for a restraining order may be a legal option to consider. The information below provides an overview of restraining orders, how to get one, and the safety they may provide.

Restraining order

A restraining order or a protection order is a legal document that protects domestic violence. Abusers can take many forms, and the law provides protection from abusers who are:

  • Romantic partners
  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Member of the household
  • Relative
  • Parent of a minor child

How to secure a restraining order

You may request a restraining order in any of the counties in the state. To request one, you should appear in a courtroom and make a sworn statement regarding the reason for your request. During this process, the legal officials will ask for information about the abuser, such as their name and contact information. The more information you can provide, the better.

Restraining orders are usually issued during traditional business hours. However, if you are in a dangerous situation, you may request a temporary restraining order at a police station immediately.

How restraining orders can provide protection

Essentially, restraining orders prevent an abuser from harming you. The restraining order often prevents an abuser from harming you, being near you, and turning in any weapons they have.

If an abuser violates the order, it is a criminal offense. Often, if the abuser violates the order, they may face an arrest.

Filing a restraining order may be the step you need to take care of yourself. Using the abovementioned, you may make a more informed choice for your safety and those you love.