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Modification of a child support order is sometimes possible

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2020 | Child Support

Trying to support a child on a single income is challenging. Child support orders help to ensure that both parents are providing for the child financially. It is imperative that the parents are in compliance at all times. The parent who is receiving the funds on the child’s behalf counts on this money to provide for them.

There are instances in which the paying parent might have circumstances change that make it difficult for them to make their payments. Things like a job loss or demotion are two examples. If you’re the paying parent who learns that you’ll have a significant change in your income, you may turn to the court to ask for a modification.

One thing to remember about the support modification petition is that you need to file it as soon as possible. The court typically can’t erase arrearages, so the sooner you have a new order in place, the less you’ll have in arrears. We know that this might seem challenging, but we’re here to help you ensure that you have a child support order that you can afford to pay.

Child support orders relay more than just the payments that go from one parent to the other. They also include things like medical insurance coverage and how specific expenses are handled. Be sure to consider these factors if you’re seeking a modification because there is a chance that you’ll need some of these aspects changed as well.

We can work with you to get the modification petition filed. We’re also here to assist with child custody changes as the child’s needs change.