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Hot weather and traffic collisions

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Injuries

As the temperature rises, so do the risks on the road. Hot weather can bring about a variety of challenges for drivers. Unfortunately, it can lead to an increase in traffic accidents.

Reviewing these risks is very important for everyone who gets behind the wheel during the summer months.

Road conditions and vehicle performance

Research published by the National Library of Medicine shows that higher air temperatures are linked to a higher risk of traffic accidents. One of the main ways hot weather can contribute to traffic accidents is through the impact it has on road conditions. High temperatures can cause roads to become more slippery due to melting asphalt, making it easier for vehicles to lose traction. This can result in accidents, particularly during sudden stops or turns.

Additionally, hot weather can also affect the performance of vehicles themselves. The heat can put added stress on engines, tires and other components, increasing the likelihood of mechanical failures while driving. It is necessary for drivers to regularly check their vehicle’s maintenance and ensure it is in good working condition to reduce the risk of accidents caused by mechanical issues.

Driver behavior

Another factor to consider is the impact of hot weather on driver behavior. Studies have shown that people tend to become more aggressive and impatient behind the wheel in hot weather, leading to an increase in reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating and road rage. These behaviors can significantly raise the chances of accidents occurring on the road. High temperatures can also cause fatigue, dehydration and discomfort, all of which can impair a driver’s ability to stay alert and make quick, safe decisions while driving.

Remember, safety should always be the top priority when hitting the road, especially when temperatures are soaring.