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Representative Personal Injury Matters

Below is a selection of our representative cases. Contact us to learn more. You can reach us at 617-749-9979 or contact us online.

Personal Injury Cases

  1. Suffolk Superior Court — Electrical worker was struck by a locomotive while working behind the Hynes Convention Center. Case settled in excess of $500,000 plus the waiver of a workers’ compensation lien of approximately $300,000.
  2. Middlesex Superior Court — Woman’s face was bitten by dog while visiting a farm. Case settled at mediation for $75,000.
  3. Plymouth Superior Court — Woman visiting a resort sat on a stool which broke, causing her to break her tailbone. Case settled for $90,000.
  4. Middlesex Superior Court — Defense — Successfully defended against a claim by a former employee who was severely injured in the workplace as a result of falling through an access door behind the bar that led to the basement storage area. The employee brought an action against the owners of the building, who also were the owners of the business. Workers’ compensation did not preclude the former employee from suing the owners of the building despite the fact that they also ran the business. The evidence at trial indicated that the former employee was drunk and was asked to step out from behind the bar area and, despite being told to do so, she went behind the bar and fell down the set of stairs. Defense verdict — the employee received no compensation for her alleged severe injuries.
  5. Middlesex Superior Court — Dram shop action brought against an organization that held a Halloween party and overserved an individual who was unruly at the party, but was still served three shots of vodka at the end of the night. The individual later drove his vehicle literally over the client’s vehicle, resulting in the death of the husband and injuries to the wife. The case settled for $500,000.
  6. Suffolk Superior Court — Woman was struck by a motor vehicle while walking in a cross-walk, causing her two front teeth to be broken. They settled for $75,000.
  7. Washington state — Represented a Seattle Seahawks football player who became a quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident. Sued the city of Kirkland for a road design failure, improper lighting, reckless design and lack of proper signage. Operator of the motor vehicle, a fellow Seattle Seahawks football player, agreed to pay the injured plaintiff one-third of his gross income and 50 percent of all gross bonuses of his incentive-laden football contract.
  8. Suffolk Superior Court — Represented approximately 20 Registry of Motor Vehicles’ employees who came down with multiple chemical sensitivity through a sick building syndrome.
  9. Middlesex Superior Court — A significant settlement in a podiatry malpractice action. Podiatrist inserted a screw that was too long in the client’s foot, causing her to sustain permanent injuries. Case resolved by way of a confidentiality agreement.
  10. Suffolk Superior Court — Represented an individual who had undergone experimental surgery that in fact was bogus in nature and caused him and others to sustain greater injuries than they had already suffered. Settlement was achieved through mediation, and a confidentiality agreement demonstrated that the experimental surgery was bogus in nature and not supported by clinical trials.
  11. Essex Superior Court — medical malpractice — Surgeon who was supposed to do a rotator cuff repair excised the wrong bone. Upon realizing his mistake during surgery, he failed to reattach the client’s deltoid muscle, resulting in atrophy of the muscles. Immediate corrective surgery was required. Case settled for a large sum of money through mediation and a confidentiality agreement.
  12. Suffolk Superior Court — gas explosion — Represented a family whose rental property was destroyed and the marital home severely damaged. Wife sustained significant post-traumatic stress disorder from observing the explosion and resulting damages. Case settled for a significant amount of money, and a confidentiality agreement was entered into.
  13. Middlesex Superior Court — Owner of two gift shops was leaving one store and heading to her other location when she was struck and dragged by a motor vehicle in the parking lot of her business. There were extensive injuries to her legs, requiring skin grafting. They settled for $300,000 and a waiver of a workers’ compensation lien in excess of $150,000.
  14. U.S Federal District Court, Boston — Represented a doctor from Pittsburg who was on a cruise in Russia when she was stuck in the face by a monkey knot thrown by a deckhand. It hit her in the face, breaking the orbit around her eye. Significant issues of jurisdiction arose from the ticketing material. The case was stayed in the federal court, submitted to arbitration and resolved by way of an arbitration award.
  15. Middlesex Superior Court — Represented the estate of a woman who suffered from anaphylactic shock as a result of eating pesto that contained walnuts, which she had an allergy to. The case resolved by way of mediation and a confidentiality agreement. Ever since, there has been a significant improvement in the restaurant industry in terms of bringing food allergy awareness to the attention of the restaurant industry and servers.
  16. Norfolk Superior Court – Police officer struck by motor vehicle while on road detail. Case settled for $600,000 plus a reduced workers’ compensation lien.
  17. Essex Superior Court – Client who rented premises to operate an auto repair shop suffered injuries from a slip and fall caused by the landlord’s failure to clear snow and ice from the premises. Case settled for $300,000.