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Settlement Vs. Litigation

Is It Better To Settle Or To Sue?

Our aim is to maximize the compensation our clients receive. We’ve earned millions of dollars on behalf of those we’ve represented, and stand ready to help you, too.

In many cases, the best results can be obtained through negotiation and settlement. Our firm is adept at working with opposing counsel, and with representatives from insurance companies and other parties involved in a given case, in order to reach resolution. We are successful because we prepare every case as if it will go to trial, where we have developed a reputation for success.

Yet at times a settlement isn’t possible. Insurers are quick to challenge victims’ claims, or offer only paltry compensation that doesn’t address their ongoing medical needs. (Indeed, this is why it is important not to accept any immediate offers that an insurance company puts forth.) In such situations, our legal team is unafraid to fight for our clients in the courtroom, where we are able to leverage our experience to their benefit.

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