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Maintaining Your Relationship With Your Children

Divorce is difficult when children are involved. Simply put, protecting your relationship with your children is of the utmost importance, and the inherent complexity in custody and visitation/parenting time proceedings can make it seem that this relationship may be jeopardized. It is common to worry about how much time you’ll be able to spend with your children during and after divorce; many fear they’ll be prevented from seeing their children enough — or at all.

We can help. At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, our attorneys have a resounding record of success in negotiating custody matters. With an approach based on decades of family law and courtroom experience, we work to create a parenting schedule that accommodates, as best as possible, all parties involved. Based in Boston, we serve throughout Massachusetts and are always ready to assist.

The Massachusetts Approach To Child Custody

Absent evidence to the contrary, the laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts presume that children will thrive best when they have continued relationships with both parents. If the parents can agree to an arrangement that works for both of them, generally it will be one that works for the children as well. Such agreements are commonly reached through conciliation, mediation or arbitration hearings or other alternative means of dispute resolution.

There are, however, times when accommodation cannot be reached. In that event, our lawyers have the courtroom confidence and knowledge to take your case before a judge in order to secure an equitable arrangement for you and your children.

When Parents Disagree About Custody Or An Appropriate Parenting Plan The Impact Of Guardian Ad Litem

While it is preferable for parents to reach an agreement regarding custody or an appropriate parenting plan, at times it is necessary for a court to decide such matters. In doing so, courts sometimes rely upon a guardian ad litem (GAL) to gather information and to make recommendations as to what is in the best interests of the children. Though the report and recommendations of a GAL are not binding upon the court, they are highly persuasive and have a definitive impact upon a case’s outcome.

Offering Support When You Most Need It

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