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Divorce Among Older Couples Is Increasingly Common

In decades past, married couples tended to stay together — even if they were miserable. However, there is an emerging trend among older adults in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country called gray divorce. Individuals over 50 are twice as likely now to divorce as they were just two decades ago. This movement illustrates people’s confidence in their ability to take charge of their own lives, and pursue happiness, without a partner.

Yet divorcing later in life brings with it a unique array of financial and emotional concerns. If you are thinking about divorcing, it is important to work with a qualified attorney who can protect your interests at every step. At Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC, our trial-tested lawyers offer personalized guidance to our clients, helping them avoid the most common mistakes associated with gray divorce and emerge from the process with a secure future.

The Personal And Financial Challenges Of Gray Divorce

A gray divorce may offer new opportunities, but it often comes with challenges. For example, dividing assets is often a complex undertaking for those whose marriages span decades. Retirement accounts, pensions, savings accounts, Social Security benefits and business assets can be difficult to evaluate and distribute in an equitable manner. A lawyer can help you understand what’s at stake and safeguard what’s most valuable to you.

It may also be difficult for one spouse who did not work during the marriage to return to the workforce in order to make ends meet. Some may find it hard to get a new job at an older age, especially if their job skills are outdated.

Imagining A Better Future

Divorce is rarely easy at any age, but it is possible to live a fulfilling life after the end of a marriage, whether you were only married for a few years or for several decades. To protect yourself, and your retirement, it can be useful to discuss your situation with an attorney.

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