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What Happens If A Parent Refuses To Pay Court-Ordered Child Support?

There are times when an individual fails to pay court-ordered child support or otherwise comply with a court order or judgment. There may be genuine reasons for this, such as unemployment or illness, but the fact remains that under Massachusetts law, each parent is responsible for the financial stability of their children.

If you are seeking to enforce child support payments or related provisions, reach out to Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC. Our results-oriented lawyers have decades of combined experience in family law matters and understand how to deliver successful legal outcomes inside and outside of the courtroom. Based in Boston, we serve throughout Massachusetts.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Our attorneys recognize that failing to receive court-ordered child support can have devastating repercussions on you and your family’s fiscal stability. We want to ensure all payments are made, including health and dental premiums and other uninsured medical expenses.

To that end, when necessary, we will file a complaint for contempt with the court. This is the surest way of compelling delinquent payors to meet their obligations. At this hearing, the court may make several recommendations and orders, including:

  • If the payor is working and financially able to make payments, but simply refuses to do so, the court can order wage garnishment, interception of tax returns and immediate payment of arrears.
  • If the payor is unable to make payments due to unemployment, the court may order the payor to participate in a job search.
  • In particularly egregious cases, the court may also order the payor jailed until the child support arrears are paid.

The attorneys at Richard C. Bardi & Associates LLC understand that a complaint for contempt is the final step in collecting child support arrearages. If an arrangement can be made with the delinquent payor directly, that is the first — and often the best — option. When cooperation is not forthcoming, however, our firm will use all available avenues to protect your family’s financial health.

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